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#208: The Forgiveness & Intimacy Link

Have you ever sabotaged a relationship because you think you deserve to be unhappy? Are you bitter toward a spouse who has already apologized?  Our innate sense of justice makes it hard to forgive others (especially a husband!) and ourselves. Here's the good news: our forgiveness doesn't diminish God's justice. Join Juli and Linda on this Java with Juli to learn how the forgiveness God offers, and calls us to, actually paves the way for deep intimacy.


Guests: Linda Dillow & Yvette Maher


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  • Mary McCarty

    Mary McCarty

    I have walked the journey toward fully forgiving my husband's affairs and porn addiction. This talk really resonated with me to confirm that God is bringing others into my life that need to hear my story. Thanks!
  • Nancy Pone

    Nancy Pone

    I'm thankful for this Java episode, but resonate that it only scratches the surface on the stickiness that is forgiveness and rebuilding an intimate relationship like a marriage. I think it's important to realize that forgiveness and reconciliation are 2 very different things, and you can have one without the other...and sometimes should (abuse, deceitful or dangerous situations). The difficult part is knowing when you forgive but withhold reconciliation. what I've learned is that reconciliation is very, very difficult once trust has been decimated, and I've struggled with how to live in a marriage with no feelings of affection for my husband becssue of what he's done and how little he did to make it right. There's just no shortcutting. How does one live well and be a suitable helper in a marriage that is stuck between forgiveness and reconciliation? How does sexual intimacy work in that space? How does one forgive their betrayer, and not just move on with their own life, but move back in bed and have desire for the very person who betrayed them!? It is so much like the love of Christ for the church... But oh so hard.
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Mary - Yes! God wants to use your story. If you haven't, be sure to listen to Java episode #217 (released on 7/9). You will be encouraged!
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Nancy - You are right, we only scratched the surface! You ask so many good questions. I think you might find encouragement listening in to this week's Java episode, #217. It is about betrayal & pornography, but it may speak to your experience as well.
  • Faithful


    Thank you for the message. I am currently in battle of forgiving my ex who has abused and betrayed me. I say I forgave him but in my heart I still feel anger. A lot of times he has been contacting me saying he wanted to see me and misses me but I blocked all ways he can commuicate to me and not reply from his messages for he has a family now and I dont want to be involved and protect myself.Yet at the back of my mind iwant to see him and say all the nasty feeling ive been feeling because of what he has done to me (for I aam still denying my pain back then) I want to let him feel my pain and I wanted to know if he is already sorry for what he has done to me. All along I have alot of questions that I want to be answered I just want peace




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