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#179: When Sex Is Not Good

"I know that orgasm should not be the main goal of sex, but I am disappointed that I have never experienced it."
"I can’t say that I feel enthusiastically about sex. I think about it, and would like to have it more often, but we do not."
"My husband and I have been married three years and we have never had good, or even frequent sex."

These are comments that we receive from women all over the country. So what do you do when sex is not good? Listen in as Juli, Linda, and Hannah tackle this difficult (but common!) question.

Guests: Linda Dillow & Hannah Nitz


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  • Befuddled

    The inability to enjoy sex and to be sexual seems to plague Christian women way more often than secular women. No doubt due to an inability to separate being told such was naughty as little girls. It is a real shame. Although, this problem appears to be less the case with younger women these days who have been exposed to other sources and have easier access to things that allow them to make things work better. Why so complicated?

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