#466 Enough is Enough: Recognizing and Combating Abusive Relationships

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Is there a difference between a bad relationship and a harmful one? How can you spot the difference, both in your own relationships and those of your friends and family?

Join Juli and Dr. David Clarke as they discuss how to recognize abuse patterns of behavior, how to set boundaries, and when necessary, how to get out and create safety elsewhere.


Guest: Dr. David Clarke

Website: davideclarkephd.com/

Book: Enough is Enough: A Step-by-Step Plan to Leave an Abusive Relationship with God's Help

Focus on The Family Christian Counselors Network

Java with Juli: #372 How To Recognize Domestic Abuse

Blog: How Do I Know If I'm in an Abusive Relationship?


Image by Cheron James via Unsplash

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  • John


    As is often the case it seems to me, the abused can only escape if they are rich or have means to earn significant money ("war chest"), what about other people? A woman I know was definitely abused by her second husband (since died PTL), but worked as a dinner lady in a school and didn't have any qualifications to fall back on. She probably only got married to provide enough money to raise her daughter.