#160: Why God Created You To Be Sexual

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Most of us don’t ever wonder about the purpose of sex. It’s something we desire, something we do, and for some of us, something we avoid. But why did God create us to be sexual anyway? Today, Hannah turns the tables on Juli and asks her about why God designed us with the anatomy, the physiology and the emotional drive to be sexually intimate with another person. Pull up a chair, grab your latte, and join us for Java with Juli!

Guests: Hannah Nitz

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  • Nancy Ross Rivera

    Nancy Ross Rivera

    Wow! That was intense! This concept of convent love & sexuality is so thought provoking & challenging. My mind has been so conditioned by both ends of the spectrum (religious & secular) that to step out of this framework and take this new perspective seems mind bending. I love how from scripture you peel away the layers of shame & twisted theologies & all the gook of our human tainted views & experience. I love that you are using the gift that God has given you, using the study of psychology to help us draw closer to our Creator. Thank you. I will chew on this a bit. Prayers for your much needed God ordained ministry!
  • Virginia Miley

    Virginia Miley

    What about those of us who are Sr. Citizens, never married, never slept with out boyfriends, but still long for intimacy with God and with someone on earth . . . Doesn’t have to be in a marriage relationship, just wish I had a really great friend to serve with, vacation with, etc.
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Virginia ~ absolutely! We are created for relationships and long for intimacy whether we are married or not, and in every season of life. This is so important to understand. Praying that God will bring that friend alongside you.
  • Ranger  Ricky

    Ranger Ricky

    Very rich