#423: How to "Rethink" Issues in Our Church Culture Around Sexuality & Abuse

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We need to be asking some hard questions. In the wake of the SBC investigation, along with the growing tsunami of fallen pastors, spiritual abuse, and marginalized victims, Juli shares how you can be proactive for change.

Co-host: Brian Dahlen

Image by Kyler Nixon on Unsplash


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  • Kay Farley

    Kay Farley

    Thank you for this podcast, Juli! Great insight and wisdom! I am someone who has dealt with sexual abuse outside of the church and my daughter is someone who has dealt with it from inside the church. We both looked to the church for help. I can testify for the need for victims to have a safe and knowledgeable place to turn. This podcast has given me a greater understanding to why it’s important to share our stories.
  • Dyanne DeLancey

    Dyanne DeLancey

    I know that's hard to bring on different views but can you PLEASE get the author of The Great Sex Rescue to talk about their survey of over 20,000 women. This is a HUGE survey even in a secular research setting that shouldn't be ignored by the Church. We should also discuss how some of the past teachings as well intended as they've been promoted and encouraged rape and sexual abuse to many of us and we thought it was "ok".