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Q&A: What if I'm Not Sexually Compatible With the Person I Want To Marry?

What if we're not sexually compatible?

In this video, Juli shares everything you need to know about sexual incompatibilityincluding how it can make you a better lover.

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  • Andrew Brassyhub

    Andrew Brassyhub

    ‘This is a gift ? Some gift!’ you say. As do I. We were both virgins when we married. We were never sexually compatible. It took my wife thirty years to ‘come out’ to herself and to me as a lesbian. So for ten years now, we’ve both suffered and struggled with an entirely sexless marriage. She loves me, but she cannot feel any sexual desire for me. I feel called to love her as Christ loves her. But it’s not easy, when for BOTH of us, our sexuality feels more of a malediction than a blessing, than a good gift. More a cruel reminder of what we cannot experience and share.




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