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#381: "Show It Off" or "Cover It Up": Messages That Shape Our Body Image

What messages have you been told about your body and your sexuality?  

At the coffee shop with Juli are two friends; join these women from different cultures for a candid conversation about what they were told and believed about their sexuality. Their stories are unique, but they share a common thread: the messages were powerful and confusing. Listen in to hear how God brings redemption to their lives to walk free from body shame.

A White theological understanding of sexuality cannot be the only voice. You have to leave room for our voice, for our experiences... If you leave room for our voice too, we find a more robust, a more consistent biblical understanding of sexuality. –Dawn Jones

Guests: Danisa Suarez, LPC, MA and Dawn Jones, LPC, MA

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  • Andru Smith

    Andru Smith

    The beginning of the episode mentions a blog titled "being sexy has nothing to do with our bodies". I can't find a link or the article, could someone help me?