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#370: Why the Single Life Is Uniquely Meaningful and Totally Ordinary

Do you feel stuck somewhere between "not married" and "not called to singleness"?  Truth be told, few single Christians feel called to full-time ministry. Yet this time that we often treat as a "waiting room" is not that at all. In this episode, Juli invites Dr. Dani Treweek to share her thoughts on the significance of the single life, why being a Christian single doesn't mean you're called to singleness, and why celibacy is not extraordinary.

Guest: Dr. Dani Treweek

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  • Lee


    Perhaps the reason there is a divide between categories of singles is that we go beyond what Scripture teaches about "being called." Is there really a call to anything beyond being a follower of Christ? Did we add on to what Scripture teaches about "calling?" Regarding I Corinthians 7:29-35, maybe Paul is speaking "tongue in cheek," or sarcastically in that passage? He does that many times throughout the book. It can be hard to detect that tone sometimes when we read it in English.




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