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#362: How To Become a Better "Better Half" with Jamie Ivey

A complement, according to Webster, is “something that fills up, completes, or makes better or perfect.” Romantic as that is, it’s a tall order in a relationship between two imperfect people! So then, what does it look like to be your spouse’s complement? In this episode, Jamie Ivey shares what God has taught her as she looks back on her own marriage of 20 years. No simplistic formulas, no easy answers, and no perfect people; just rich conversation and bold truth – so grab your Java and join us!

Guest: Jamie Ivey

I grew up thinking that a marriage is where the man works, makes money, then comes home and sits in his Lazy Boy, and the wife has dinner ready by the time he gets there... that's not what God says marriage is. He doesn't say the man goes and works and the woman makes dinner -- and there's no Lazy Boy in the Bible. -Jamie Ivey

Show notes:


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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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  • Mae Marquet

    Mae Marquet

    Unable to hear. First time away from my regular internet.
  • Jacci Roberts

    Jacci Roberts

    Thank you, Mae! Fixed!




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