Q&A: How Do I Have Meaningful Conversations With My Gay Sibling—or Do I?

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In this Q&A video, Juli shares advice on reconciling relationships with LGBT+ friends and loved ones.

Forty years ago, my brother came out to my mom, dad, and siblings in an abrupt manner. Since then, there have been almost no conversations—it’s just the elephant in the room. We live on opposite sides of the US and we rarely see or talk to each other. How do I start having meaningful conversations with him about the topic—or do I?


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  • Andrew Brassyhub

    Andrew Brassyhub

    Thank you for this excellent advice. My first calling as a Christian is to love others - not to judge them and their lives and their choices. I'm called to simply love my atheist brother. And my new-ish insight is that I am called by God to love and accept my lesbian wife as God loves and accepts her as she is.