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#117: How Your Sex Life Is Connected to Your Spiritual Life

One 2nd Century theologian wrote, “We know that when a couple has sexual intercourse the Holy Spirit leaves the room.” You might agree –and you may not even be sure you'd want Him there! After all, is there any time you’re feeling less spiritual than we you’re having sex? But actually, it’s just the opposite. Join Juli, Linda and Hannah on this episode of Java with Juli as they talk about why sex in marriage is not only beautiful, it’s holy.


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  • Cris Rodriguez

    Cris Rodriguez

    Thank you for sharing your stories ladies. Im so empowered by this podcast!
  • Greg Smart

    Greg Smart

    Dr. Slattery— I'm new to the AI community and slowly making my way through the Java With Juli podcasts. I just finished listening to #117 and two things struck me. First, I believe it was Linda, said that part of the dichotomy is that sex is 'earthy,' and as such can't properly be elevated as holy or spiritual. But I'm curious if sexual intimacy's earthiness isn't an enduring reminder of the 'earthiness' of Jesus: God created us, loves us and mapped paths for us as humans that, throughout the entire Old Testament, we just didn't properly comprehend as a fallen people. It wasn't until Jesus—Emmanuel, God among us—arrived in the flesh on earth that we began to understand, that we got a glimpse into the mystery of Ephesians 5.32. I'm curious your thoughts on a possible parallel there. Second, picking up on your question at ~10:50 in the podcast of Why did God create us as sexual creatures, I'm curious your thoughts on the role of orgasm in God's divine design of us. I'm not a biologist or scientist of any kind, so I'm ignorant to what other mammals, if any, experience orgasm, but it seems that orgasm itself doesn't seem necessary in reproduction. So what is its purpose in divine intimacy, and what is its relationship, if any, to the Ephesian 5.32 mystery?




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