Q&A: Should Sex Be Pleasurable for Both Men & Women?

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Dr. Slattery answers this important question:

"Did God create the act of intercourse to be pleasurable for both men and women without stimulation? How do you work toward that if it doesn't happen naturally?"

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  • Eileen Scipione

    Eileen Scipione

    This starts with an important question. What is the definition of stimulation? There are visual stimulations, physical ones, even emotional ones. What does “naturally” mean? Without effort? I believe God designed intimacy for husbands and wives equally . Both can achieve pleasure by making the others pleasure a high priority. I have just written a book in this topic: From Duty to Delight. It will be out in 6 months.
  • Joy Skarka

    Joy Skarka

    Great points Eileen! And I love that you wrote a book on this topic. I hope it helps many women and men!