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#351: Why Our Churches Need To Do Better at Valuing the Voices of Women

The women of the Bible have a lot to teach us. Their voices often give us the story behind the storytake Ruth for example, or the birth of Christ through the perspective of Mary and Elizabeth. What do we lose if we lose the voices of women? In this episode, Aimee Byrd joins Juli to share how the male and female voices together give us a complete picture of Jesus and His Bride, and why that's important for our churches today. Grab your Java and join us!  

Guest: Aimee Byrd,

Photo by Thomas Vitali on Unsplash


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  • Eileen Scipione

    Eileen Scipione

    Loved this podcast. I have just written a book about spiritual and emotional intimacy along with sexual intimacy. Have many years of marriage and counseling behind me.




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