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#342: The Good Gift of Courage (And Why You Need It)

We talk often on Java with Juli about our culture’s confusing messages around sexuality. But today’s guest, Russell Moore, contends that we’re not so much confused about what is true or right as we are fearful; fearful of standing alone, fearful of swimming against the cultural tide. In this episode, hear how the gift of courage is not about bravado, performance, or getting on one's soapbox. Instead, courage is born in the unseen moments when we are utterly dependent on God—moments where He shapes us for His glory and also for the benefit of generations to come.

Guest: Russell Moore

Show Notes:


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Photo by Kira Auf Der Heide on Unsplash


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  • Hannah


    So glad we're having this conversation. Sometimes I think it takes more courage to really walk with that gay friend than to confront them on it; walking with them in a genuine friendship might result in our beliefs being threatened or challenged. We need to build those courageous friendships (so much!), while also investing in friendships and resources that teach and remind us truth.




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