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#340: We Were Wrong About Modesty

The word “modesty” makes us cringe these days, and it’s easy to understand why: For years it’s been associated with a prudish culture of shame and blame. We hear the word and immediately think it’s an issue about women and skirt length, but Bible passages that speak to modesty focus on something else: The heart. (So… we think that makes it an issue for you, too, fellas.) Join Juli and Dannah Gresh for a conversation about how we’ve misapplied the meaning of modesty and how we can do better in the future. 

Guest: Dannah Gresh, Pure Freedom Ministries



Photo by Brent Ninaber on Unsplash


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  • Jennifer Janes

    Jennifer Janes

    Thank you for this episode Juli. And Dannah. 🙂 Juli, the question you asked toward the end about men having some responsibility for their own dress was spot on; I believe this is a big miss too. As a woman who has struggled with lust and has adultery in her past, I often long for men to be more thoughtful about women who may struggle. Mowing the yard minus a shirt or at the gym, it's difficult. I totally accept that it's on me to look away or leave, but it would be great if those guys realized some women struggle too. I am grateful for my husband of nearly 29 years (we had a rocky start!), and for God's grace...and I'm grateful for this resource. 💖




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