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Q&A: Can Masturbation Ever Be A Good Thing?

This important question comes from a reader:

" In your professional opinion, can masturbation ever be good? Can it be something that lets off steam in terms of sexual tension or something that helps you learn your body?"


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  • kw


    This is full of wisdom. Thank you for continuing to examine sexual issues rooted in the teaching of the Bible and its wholistic wisdom! God continues to guide and lead you as you lead in this area. Thank you for your faithfulness to Him!
  • Andrew Brassyhub

    Andrew Brassyhub

    Thank you for not giving a blanket condemnation of masturbation. My wife, my life-partner of 40+ plus years, has now come out to herself and me as a lesbian. So there is no desire, and no possible hope of desire or any change. So this seems to be the only possible expression now of my sexuality. Indeed, for us both, our sexuality seems to be an unadulterated curse and not a blessing. Though we ticked all the boxes, were both virgins when we married. And have remained faithful to our marriage vows all these years. Where is God and his love and his loving gift of sexuality in all this?