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Q&A: I'm a Single Woman Saving Sex for Marriage. How Do I Find A Guy Willing to Wait?


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  • kw


    Good response. I agree fully for many, Many reasons. (e.g.: honouring God’s wisdom — see the Bible and AI books about the depth of God’s wisdom Ours is foolishness in comparison! Also, if a person cannot control his/her urges in dating, will they when they are married during conflict, myriad stressed of life, travel for business, medical issues which interfere, etc., etc.?) However, I feel real empathy for the writer of the question and note that this could have been written by 100’s of thousands of women! I wish to acknowledge it’s difficult to walk out day to day and in loneliness. I would encourage consistent (continued, if applicable) Bible study daily and talking through what you are learning in a group. (Check out AI’s resources and start a study with acquaintances or do an inductive study). God truly is our Source of strength, wisdom, character and fruits of the Spirit. He develops perseverance in us. You currently have this struggle. Remember God is maturing each of us. (See James 1:3-5 and context and chain references.) I would also encourage growing godly friendships with female friends, local families, etc. so your heart is well cared for and less susceptible to temptation. We are all meant to be in relationships with others. If God brings you a covenant relationship, remember to not neglect these other relationships but include him in them. If you have wise friends they will help you discern his character. They will be a part of the affirmation that this is from the Lord, if it is. Maintain these broader friendships through your marriage, as well, for a healthy support system.




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