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#317: Bonus! Listen, Learn, and Give Grace (A Conversation About Race)

Are you grieved by the pain and brokenness you see in your news feed each day? We are too. God’s Word tells us that when one part of the Body is hurting, the entire body hurts with it. How can we listen to, learn from, and lift up our black friends and neighbors? Join Juli and her friend Hasandra Heyward for a conversation that sets an example for how you can have conversations that heal.

Guest: Hasandra Heyward




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  • Bevanne  Upperman

    Bevanne Upperman

    Thank you for having Ms. Hasandra share this conversation with us! She is where I want to be - asking myself how do I use this opportunity of discussing the depths of racism in our American society and its impact on all of us as a way to grow in my walk with Christ and a way to extend grace to others so that we move toward justice and righteousness that is God centered.
  • Jacci Roberts

    Jacci Roberts

    Good to hear from you, Bevanne. Thank you for posting!




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