#316: Sorry Mom & Dad, the "Sex Talk" Doesn't Work

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The one-and-done "sex talk" doesn't work, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to your kids about sex. When it comes to sexuality, your kids are growing up in a completely different world than you did. You probably won't find much success in just telling them what to think about sexuality; you're going to have to show them HOW to think about it. Sound hard? It is. Need help and encouragement? Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Hannah Nitz


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  • Shelley O

    Shelley O

    Thank you Juli so much for being so real and honest and I believe Spirit led in your guidance - I am a christian mom of a 16yr old gender fluid daughter - she came out to me at 13 that she liked girls and just recently with this new label of gender fluid. She is a believer - loves Jesus but thinks they are not mutually exclusive. I have been so encouraged by this podcast and others that affirm where I feel the Lord leading me to stand in this with my daughter. It is more about the gospel than the circumstances in her life. I have surrendered her to the Lord - she is not mine but his - I have shared with her that I believe the Lord will use her to reach "her people" who so desperately need the gospel and God's love. The real struggle I have is the church. I have mostly kept this between me and the Lord and 2 trusted friends. My daughter has left our church and I can't say as I blame her because they are struggling to know how to respond to this issue and I fear for her. God is good thought and he is holding me. I recently had the privilege to hear you speak at my church in NE Ohio. Please keep being you and lettting God use you......this is pioneer territory and we are blazing a trail - God is leading step by step.
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Shelley, you are not alone! Thank you for sharing your story. Yes! As Juli said in this conversation, "the gospel is more important than behavior management." If you haven't, I hope you get a chance to listen to episode 312 and also 297 & 298. You will be encouraged!