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#312: Born (Again) This Way: Rachel's Story

This may sound like a conversation about being a gay Christian, and it is. But more importantly, it's a conversation about wrestling with the question: Can I trust God? I know what he says, but do I believe that what he says is best for me?   In this episode, Juli's guest Rachel Gilson shares her story and how she came to answer that question.  And whether you're married, single, gay or straight, you'll have to answer it too.

Guest: Rachel Gilson



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  • Shermaine B.

    Shermaine B.

    My, my, my...i'm not even someone who typically says "my my my" but by the end of this podcast those were the words going through my mind; my heart was so tender, I had tears in my eyes. Tears from the sweetness of His presence and from the "Yes and Amen" reverberating in my spirit in agreement with what was said. As someone who has wrestled with SSA for many years (thankfully the battle has lessened considerably with obedience and time) and is single/unmarried in the latter end of my 30's, this discussion truly resonated with me. There are so many layers to this thing, so many angles to navigate in walking with Christ while dealing with this multifaceted and sometimes very heavy burden that most people in our lives do not understand. Thank you Rachel for sharing your story so articulately. I plan on getting the book and telling others about it as well. Thank you Juli for giving Rachel the space to continue this display of truth and strength. It may not be easy and may not always be pretty, but as Rachel alluded to; obedience tends to always yield toward and reflect the essence of the character of our Lord...good things. May the Lord continue to bless you both and your families, and may His face shine upon you.
  • Jacci Roberts

    Jacci Roberts

    Shermaine ~ thank you for your kind words. We praise God for the ways He uses these conversations to encourage us, remind us of His great love for us, and make us more like Him. ~ Jacci from AI
  • Lana Lacerda

    Lana Lacerda

    What an amazing ( and needed ) conversation !! Thank you.




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