Q&A: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Masturbation?

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This question is from a parent, and it’s a very common one:

"What information would you have for parents who are looking to address masturbation? Our 13-year-old daughter has recently admitted to touching herself and I want to be sensitive to the matter—not shame her, but to have a conversation about it. What do you recommend?"

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  • Paul Wilcox

    Paul Wilcox

    I love your approach Juli. I had a similar approach with my 3 boys when they hit puberty. I tried to let them know that what they were experiencing was pretty normal and we had ongoing discussions about it. What this helped to do was lay a platform where they invited me to pray for them in their struggles with lust, with pornography as well as they ongoing "struggle" with masturbation. I never tried to make it a sin issue.