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Q&A: Is It OK to Call a Transgender Friend by Their Preferred Pronouns?

This question is one that's becoming more and more common:

"I have transgender friends that are unsaved. So, is it okay to call them by their preferred pronouns and names?"


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  • Andrew Brassyhub

    Andrew Brassyhub

    No, no and no! Not to the question that you ask, but to the text that accompanies it: 'I have transgender friends that are unsaved.' Jesus says 'I judge no-one' (John 8.16). He made a point of including, going towards, loving, tax collectors (traitors and collaborators) and prostitutes. Those that the religious professionals judged. So who are you, who are we, to say who is 'unsaved'? It's also a matter of simple politeness, to call others what they want to be called. For example, I've lived through 'negro' to 'black' and now 'African American'. I'm just learning a new expression in the UK where I originally come from: 'BAME'. With this virus, the 'Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic'.




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