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#308: Maintaining Your Smartphone Sanity

Who wants to pay $100 a month to have door-slamming, ruin-the-family-dinner arguments with your teen like clockwork? No one. But many of us do—it’s called paying for a smartphone.  Desperate to know how to build trust with your kids, protect them, AND restore peace to your home? Grab your Java and join us! 

Guest: David Eaton



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    I'm 24 now, and I didn't have a phone until I was 16 and a smartphone until I was 17. I really wanted one before then, but my Mom wisely held her ground. I remember life before kids had cell phones, much less smartphones. I witnessed my peers turn into dopamine zombies. Last year, I was in the dentist's office, and 3 middle-aged women were on their phones, but I was not. I remember receiving a compliment from my roommate's mom for not being on my phone. My advice: turn off notifications for social media and email, no games (or very limited), and don't pay for data. Sacrilegious, I know, but it has really worked out. Axis came to my school for 2 years, I think I still have the workbooks.




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