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#306: When You Can't Wait Another Day

What do you do when you find yourself in a situation you don't like, didn't sign up for, and can't wait to be done with? (Social distancing, anyone?) Our friend Tricia Lott Williford is back and she's got a new book out about waiting. "Everyone takes their turn in the waiting room. It's a long and painful fact of life, but shortcuts and microwaves aren't the answer. God is at work behind the scenes in invisible ways you can't see...yet."  Join us!

Guests: Tricia Lott Williford & Hannah Nitz





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  • Naomi Blum

    Naomi Blum

    Seriously. This is JUST what I needed today! I just found out that my fiance is not going to come this weekend for a visit because of the safer at home advisory. I was struggling to find a good attitude and joy, and this podcast counseled my heart with truth. Thank you!
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Hi Naomi! We're so glad to hear that! This episode was originally scheduled to release last month, but God's timing is perfect!




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