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#302: Does Gender Matter?

Our culture is throwing off the limitations of two biological genders and embracing the idea that we can define for ourselves who we want to be (and what gender, if any). And why not? Is there a reason God created us male and female? Join Juli and her guests for a lively (and controversial) conversation about what it means to be feminine or masculine and why gender matters.

Guests: Sarah J. O'Connor & Glenn Stanton



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  • Stefanie Medina

    Stefanie Medina

    I enjoyed this episode. But I didn't really like Glenn Stanton. To me, he came across as combative and dismissive of the real people behind the transgendered issue. He seems fine getting into a fight with a GLBT person but he would probably claim he is being discriminated against if someone got into a fight with him because he is pro-life or believes in a biblical marriage. Please don't have him on the podcast again, if I am right, I could tell you didn't like a lot of what he said either Dr Juli.
  • Jacci Roberts

    Jacci Roberts

    Stephanie, glad you enjoyed this episode. Thanks for giving us your honest feedback. We always appreciate hearing from you! ~ Jacci from AI




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