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#297: Finding Freedom in the Midst of Brokenness

Many gay Christians feel they must either deny their sexual feelings in order to be accepted by God or embrace the idea that God accepts them--just as they are.  For most, neither of these options bring complete freedom or satisfaction. Is there a better way? In this episode, Juli's guest Laurence Koo shares how he wrestled with God over his unwanted same-sex attraction, and how he found freedom to follow Jesus completely --fully accepted and loved, same-sex desires and all. Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Laurence Koo



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  • Linda Thwing

    Linda Thwing

    Dear Juli and Laurence, I wish I could actually show you my heart because words are so inadequate to share with you how much this podcast touched me. Such love, compassion, and dedication to living the life we've been given to the glory of God. The tenor of the interview was so spot on - no trivial comments or questions and no nervousness in talking about such an intimate part of Laurence's walk with God. I feel I understand just a little better and with more compassion and hope, those of my friends who are same-sex attracted. May many Christians and those seeking Christ listen with "ears to hear" and with a heart to understand and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you. To God be the Glory! Linda
  • Jacci Roberts

    Jacci Roberts

    Linda, we're so grateful for your comment and encouraged by it. I will be sure to share it with Laurence as well. Thank you for listening to Java with Juli, but also for having "ears to hear" the Lord's heart via Laurence's story, and heart to understand and love others. We're grateful you're a part of our community!
  • Stephanie Ikikhueme

    Stephanie Ikikhueme

    Community and intentionality is so necessary for both singles and married , really loved the conversation towards the end




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