#233: Understanding Your Man

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From "All he thinks about is sex!" to "Why doesn't he ever initiate?" this Java with Juli episode has got you covered.  Juli sits down with our friend Jonathan Daugherty to help you better understand your man, his design and his sexuality. 

Guest: Jonathan Daughtery, Be Broken Ministries

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  • Gordon Baker

    Gordon Baker

    Appreciate this conversation! A comment to add to Jonathon's description of the power that's associated with sex for a man. I think that when a man takes sex that is not being freely offered (anything from a wife being coerced to a rape situation) that's unhealthy power, power of the wrong kind. But when sex is freely offered to a husband, when he feels invited, he feels hugely complimented. His wife is sending the message, "You'll do! You're man enough for me!" And it doesn't have to be end-game sex - just nakedness, or intimate cuddling, freely offered, lifts his footsteps six inches off the floor. Gordon
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Thanks for your comment, Gordon!