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BONUS! #235: How the Purity Movement Hurt Us

"I always thought that if I did everything the way God told us to, then I would be blessed, I would be happy and I would have a good marriage. That was decidedly not the case."  Well-meaning parents and youth pastors promised marital bliss if you could only make it to the altar as a virgin. For many, the promise didn't deliver. In this episode, Juli brings truth and compassion to the imperfect purity message of the 90s. 

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  • Michelle D´Mejía

    Michelle D´Mejía

    This is an excellent episode!!!! (and bonus episode too). I've read Rethinking sexuality and listened episodes 160 and 166 and my mind blow at first but now I understand God much better. But around me, I see the bad effects of not dating and all the purity movement. What do you think about True Love Dates book by Debra Fileta? Is it a good guideline for teenagers? I want a biblical perspective, like you have in your material. Thanks a lot.