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#271: The Truth (and Lies) About Infertility

One in seven couples struggles with infertility --and it's easy to make some pretty hurtful assumptions about them if they're not public about it. In this episode Juli sits down with her life-long friend Taylor Scott (of The Kevin & Taylor Show!) to talk about the sorrow, the truth, and the things to say and not say along the journey of infertility. (And you'll get to hear stories about Juli too!)

Guest: Taylor Scott



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  • Christine Young

    Christine Young

    Thank you so much for that. I went through that but did have a son 2 weeks before I turned 38. The advice others give is so hurtful that even though our son will turn 28 this year it brought tears to my eye as I reflected over those years. I tend not to talk about the no children to those who don't have them but I have a long list that I pray for regularly. It was so brave of Taylor to talk about this subject & I truly appreciate it. Love your work with AI & am praying for you every day. 😀
  • Jacci Roberts

    Jacci Roberts

    Thanks for sharing, Christine! Grateful for God's goodness in the gift of your son.
  • Andrew Brassyhub

    Andrew Brassyhub

    You can at least bury a still-born child. There seem to be no symbols for burying the desire and hope for the child never even conceived... There are wounds that perhaps will be with us until our last breath?
  • Jacci Roberts

    Jacci Roberts

    Andrew, I think you're right. As they talked about in this episode, the desire for a child never conceived is a grief that continues and changes as you enter different seasons of life, but doesn't ever go away. We will carry it with us until we see Jesus face to face and enter His presence where there are no more tears or suffering.




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