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#259: Our Marriage Survived Painful Sex

Jennifer went to her doctor to get help for the excruciating pain she felt during sex. She left with a clean bill of health and a dose of useless platitudes: “Try to relax. Have a glass of wine. You should be fine.”  After four years of painful (and seldom) sex, Aaron and Jennifer were ready to call it quits.  Join Juli Slattery & her guests for a story of commitment, surrender, and discovering God’s design for sexuality.

Guests: Aaron & Jennifer Smith



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  • Kristen Sundet

    Kristen Sundet

    Thank you so so much for having a podcast about this topic. My husband and I have struggled with painful sex throughout our whole first year of marriage, and though we have continually grown closer to God through it, it is still difficult every day. To have more voices speaking about this topic is so helpful in feeling that we are not alone and that you are reaching to provide healing for those who relate to this topic. Would it be possible for Authentic Intimacy to record more episodes on this subject as a sort of mini series or something? I would love to hear Juli's story of going through this as well as other couples. Thank you so much for all that you do!!! Your work has truly changed my life in so many ways.




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