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#256: Who Is Jesus to You?

Every sexual question is a spiritual question. Every sexual opinion you hold comes from a foundation of who Jesus is to you. Today Juli & Hannah sit down at the coffee shop to breathe new life into an old-fashioned word: reverence.  Join us to hear what it means to be reverent, how a reverence for God impacts how you view your own sexuality and informs the choices you make, and how it affects your relationships with others. 

Guest: Hannah Nitz



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  • Christine Young

    Christine Young

    This reminded me of something I heard. The dog says, 'Man feeds me & cares for me & loves me, he must be god.' The cat says 'man feeds me & cares for me & loves me, I must be god.' Do I think like the dog or do I think more like the cat when I think about God? In the end of February my daughter-in-love had a stillborn little girl, Eva. I wanted to scream 'Haven't I given my all for You & followed You where ever You have led me no matter how hard it was.' But there were things happening that made me wait on that response & watch to see what He would do. Within a month 2 of their closest friends, one I have been praying for for over 10 years, came to know the Lord as Savior of their lives. They testify that it was Eva's death & our response that made them stop & think of Who God was. I miss my granddaughter so much but the joy in seeing Jake & Jess come to know & love Christ is awesome! We have been watching them read God's word & grow & it is truly a miracle. I thank God for being Who He is & Knowing so much more than I do. Thank you for this Podcast. It is so true!




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