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#161: Beyond Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

Take the politics out of conversations about abortion. You don't have to choose between valuing the rights of a woman or the rights of her unborn child. In this episode of Java with Juli, meet Angie Weszely. She's working hard to equip Christians with a third option in the abortion debate: the option to value the woman and the child equally --just as Jesus does.

Guests: Angie Weszely & Hannah Nitz



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  • M Winchester

    M Winchester

    I was really blessed by this podcast and discussion. That said, as a man, a part of me is asking, and how do we reach the men, so women aren't put in so tough a situation to begin with. Only grace and wisdom from the Holy Spirit can provide the direction we need - which is very much in concert with ProGrace and what I heard in this podcast. May your tribe increase!
  • Jessica Portilla

    Jessica Portilla

    I love love loved this episode! Thank you for all the content you put out. Julie, I love your heart!




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