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#245: The Link Between Your Bedroom & Your Bank Account

Have you ever hidden a receipt from your spouse?  Join Juli and her guests to find out why holding grudges or secrets about money also means you're likely holding back in the bedroom.

Guests: Brian & Cherie Lowe 

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  • Stefanie Medina

    Stefanie Medina

    This is a great conversation. I think a good podcast idea is how to NOT get into $100,000 worth of debt in the first place. Not eating out at all and not buying a microwave is really extreme. How would you tell your mom no I will not come out to eat for your birthday? Here wife, you have to cook every meal every day for the next 5 years and it has to be from scratch because I demand we do not go out to eat. This all sounded very controlling to me, under the guise of getting out of debt.




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