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#234: We Can Do THAT in the Bedroom?

What's OK in the bedroom? Juli, Linda & Yvette tackle one of our most popular questions in this episode of Java with Juli. While God has said "no" to several things, He says YES to so much more! Join us to learn how to discern where you might need to draw a line and where you might need to step out of your comfort zone.

Guests: Linda Dillow & Yvette Maher

In this episode:


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  • Jodi Onaka

    Jodi Onaka

    Wow, I only got half way through. Man, no wonder we are a broken culture. I believe God does give us guidelines and we walk up to those lines and look over, and dip our toes in and wonder why we are hurting. Heb 13:5 came to kind. I think pornography is adultery. So of course it is out. My husband would not call it that, but he honors me so we agree, it is out. Therefore multiple partners are out, etc. etc. if you become a Christian and your spouse is not, I think the spirit will convict you and you will have to redraw the boundary lines. You may have to be more creative, but hopefully your spouse loves you enough to honor you.
  • Jodi Onaka

    Jodi Onaka

    I meant Heb 13:4
  • Stefanie Medina

    Stefanie Medina

    Your comments about the honeymoon made me thankful for wise advice we received to wait a few months to go on a big honeymoon. We knew several couples who had horrible honeymoons. Such a waste of money, and tragic to have bad memories of a time that is supposed to be happy. Our honeymoon in Europe 3 months after our wedding was wonderful!
  • Chet


    I applaud you for your work. I think your ministry could be one of the most, if not the most , beneficial to young married couples in existence today. This is a great discussion , one that I would have given gold to hear 30 or 40 years ago when marriage was new. I admire your willingness, although I'm absolutely positive you get criticized, to discuss the fine points of sexuality, rather than generalities as most Christians today are doing. Please continue your labor, as in this pod cast you hit many subjects that are pretty deep, and I kind of laughed to myself. I've struggled for years just trying to figure out how to get my wife to feel comfortable naked. I can't imagine anyone trying to go to McDonalds that way. Your work is appreciated.....keep it up. You'll never know how many marriages you've kept from endless conflict over the sexuality issue




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