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#432: Unraveling the Threads of Racism & "Love Addiction" in My Story

Why did I have sex with him again?

Why can't I stop this masturbation addiction?  

Why can't I get this fantasy out of my head? 

Are you tired of making sexual choices you hate? Pull up your chair to hear how God helped Ashley Jameson unravel the threads of sexual sin, brokenness, and racism in her story. 

Grab your Java (and your mess) and join us.

Guest: Ashley Jameson, Pure Desire

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#431: Bonus! Getting to Know God Through (Simply) Your Bible

Do we rely too much on others to read our Bibles for us? If the idea of reading your Bible on your own—just you and Jesus—makes you nervous, this word is for you.

Guests: Hannah Nitz & Carmen Beasley 

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#430: Marriage Can Be Hard, Here's Why the Work Is Worth It

What do you do when you want to give up on your marriage?

Greg & Erin Smalley share their story—and remind us that we can ask God to help us now, or we can move on to the next relationship. But eventually, we're going to have to do the hard work of healing. Why not let Him redeem your love story?

Guests: Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley

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#429: How To Find Love When Dating Has Changed with Jonathan Pokluda

Is the way you approach dating actually sabotaging your chances for a healthy marriage?  

From “just coffee” to moving in together, Juli and her guest Jonathan “JP” Pokluda sit down to talk about finding love in a world where dating has changed.

Guest: Jonathan Pokluda


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#428: Don't Say That to Your Single Friends (Say This Instead)

It happens.

Despite good intentions, perhaps without realizing it, you say something careless to a single friend. You've got time. Let God write your love story.

Sometimes, there's no harm done. Other times... it hurts.

In this episode, find out what not to say to your single friends and what to say instead.

Guest: Lisa Anderson, Boundless

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