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#310: Is God Sexist?

Is God sexist? Does he value men more than he values women?  If you've ever wrestled with this question, a quick look through a few books of the Old Testament can really trip you up!  Why would God allow women to be treated so poorly at times? Juli sits down with Jo Vitale, an apologist with a specialty in sexism and the Bible, to make sense of the way women were treated in the OT and shed light on God's goodness in a fallen world.

Guest: Dr. Jo Vitale


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#309: Getting Rid of the Mommy Guilt

The goal of motherhood is not to raise a perfect child. The goal isn't even to raise a Jesus-loving child. (Yep, you read that right.)  Join Juli and her guests for a special conversation for moms of all ages and stages about the only way to become the moms we want to be.


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#222: What's Your Money Personality?

The two biggest areas of conflict in marriage are sex and money. We talk a lot about sex on Java with Juli, but today we're talking about money! (Thanks, Covid-19.) Join Juli and her guests as they share how understanding your spouse's natural tendencies toward spending and saving can help you communicate better (and fight less) about money.

Guests: Scott & Bethany Palmer


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#308: Maintaining Your Smartphone Sanity

Who wants to pay $100 a month to have door-slamming, ruin-the-family-dinner arguments with your teen like clockwork? No one. But many of us do—it’s called paying for a smartphone.  Desperate to know how to build trust with your kids, protect them, AND restore peace to your home? Grab your Java and join us! 

Guest: David Eaton


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#307: On the Brink of Divorce

Susan Cox sat in church, a hotel room key in her purse, and an ongoing affair pushing her to leave her marriage for good. She was exhausted from hiding texts and emails, and covering lies with more lies. The thought of turning back now felt hopeless. Do you need HOPE for your marriage today? Grab your Java and join us.

Guest: Susan Cox


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