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#327: When Your Spouse Feels More Like a Roommate

Every couple experiences times of disconnection, but when your spouse begins to feel more like a roommate than a lover, it’s easy to want to go looking for intimacy in other places. But what would it look to like to ditch the idea that there is something better outside your marriage and ask, instead, how you can keep your heart open to your spouse? Join Juli and her guests, Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley, for a candid conversation about tending to your heart during the busy, difficult, or painful seasons of life and marriage.

Guests: Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley

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#313: The Greatest Love Story

From beginning to end the Bible tells a story about marriage. Woven through chapter and verse is a story of covenant love between Jesus (the bridegroom) and the Church (his bride). And it is so important to your Father that you understand this story, that he etched it right into your body (your sexuality). Join Juli and her guest Christopher West for a conversation about how our bodies proclaim the love and redemption of Jesus.

Guest: Christopher West


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#291: Will You Trade Your Comfort Food for The Comforter?

Are you a sugar addict? Do you run to the pantry each afternoon to get you through your day? Do you turn to Starbucks for a little stress relief? Today Juli & her guest talk about how fasting from sugar (or whatever it is you run to) hones our hunger for Jesus, the only One who can break strongholds in our lives.

Guest: Wendy Speake



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#277: Children, Teens, and Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere and predators are typically someone a child already trusts. If your child is abused, what is the first thing you should do? What constitutes abuse? When do you report it? Juli and her guest tackle these tough questions and more in this Java with Juli.

Guest: Dr. Debi Grebenik


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#233: Understanding Your Man

From "All he thinks about is sex!" to "Why doesn't he ever initiate?" this Java with Juli episode has got you covered.  Juli sits down with our friend Jonathan Daugherty to help you better understand your man, his design and his sexuality. 

Guest: Jonathan Daughtery, Be Broken Ministries

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