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#315: Jamie Ivey Wants to Know the Real You

There are things we feel are acceptable to struggle with, and then there are those things we would never say out loud –especially around other Christians! In this episode, Juli sits down with Jamie Ivey, host of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, for a conversation about authenticity, confession and knowing exactly who you are in Jesus.

Guest: Jamie Ivey



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#314: You, Your Brain, and Your Family Can Heal from Porn

How I get rid of the images that keep popping up in my mind? How can I rebuild trust with my husband when access to porn (his smartphone) is always in his hands? How do I begin having conversations with my kids? Juli and her guests answer these questions and more in this panel discussion on pornography from our 2019 Reclaim Conference. Grab your java and join us!

Guests: Jonathan Daugherty, Dawn Jones, Brennan McCarthy, Courtney Maloney



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#313: The Greatest Love Story

From beginning to end the Bible tells a story about marriage. Woven through chapter and verse is a story of covenant love between Jesus (the bridegroom) and the Church (his bride). And it is so important to your Father that you understand this story, that he etched it right into your body (your sexuality). Join Juli and her guest Christopher West for a conversation about how our bodies proclaim the love and redemption of Jesus.

Guest: Christopher West


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#312: Born (Again) This Way: Rachel's Story

This may sound like a conversation about being a gay Christian, and it is. But more importantly, it's a conversation about wrestling with the question: Can I trust God? I know what he says, but do I believe that what he says is best for me?   In this episode, Juli's guest Rachel Gilson shares her story and how she came to answer that question.  And whether you're married, single, gay or straight, you'll have to answer it too.

Guest: Rachel Gilson


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#311: Where Is God When We Suffer?

Sometimes life gets so hard, we doubt that Jesus is still with us. Did he abandon us? Was our faith even real in the first place? Juli's guest today is Michele Cushatt, a woman who has endured the kind of physical pain that most of us will never know. And it took her to the depths of doubt and despair. If you're feeling beat-up by the world and disappointed in God, this conversation is for you. 

Guest: Michele Cushatt


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