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#320: Bonus! Looking for the Spark in Your Marriage?

Thanks to COVID-19, you and your spouse have likely spent a lot of time together the last five months—but that doesn't necessarily mean your marriage isn't on rocky ground. Are you and your spouse in need of some TLC (or time away from the kids 😅)? Or have things have gotten so difficult that reconnecting feels hopeless? In this bonus episode, Juli and her guest, Matt Turvey from Winshape Marriage, talk about the difference between marriage retreats and “marriage intensives" and how each can make healthy marriages stronger or rescue a marriage in crisis. Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Matt Turvey


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#319: Is Good Sex a "Right" in Marriage?

Juli and Hannah sit down for a candid conversation about whether or not it's possible to have a good, Christian marriage and not be having sex. Their conclusion might surprise you. Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Hannah Nitz

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#318: Why Are We Afraid to Touch?

Let’s face it: As Christians, we’re kind of afraid to touch. Touch feels unsafe and sexual—even worldly—and we can be led to believe that the more boundaries we put in place, the "better off" we'll all be. Except, well … Jesus touched. And he allowed others to touch him: A prostitute washed his feet and dried it with her hair. He used his hands to rub mud on blind eyes. He invited Thomas to place his fingers in the nail holes in his palms. Is it time to re-think the way we view touch?

Guest: Lore Ferguson Wilbert

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#317: Bonus! Listen, Learn, and Give Grace (A Conversation About Race)

Are you grieved by the pain and brokenness you see in your news feed each day? We are too. God’s Word tells us that when one part of the Body is hurting, the entire body hurts with it. How can we listen to, learn from, and lift up our black friends and neighbors? Join Juli and her friend Hasandra Heyward for a conversation that sets an example for how you can have conversations that heal.

Guest: Hasandra Heyward



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#316: Sorry Mom & Dad, the "Sex Talk" Doesn't Work

The one-and-done "sex talk" doesn't work, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to your kids about sex. When it comes to sexuality, your kids are growing up in a completely different world than you did. You probably won't find much success in just telling them what to think about sexuality; you're going to have to show them HOW to think about it. Sound hard? It is. Need help and encouragement? Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Hannah Nitz


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