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#354: How To Keep Rhythm & Romance in Your New COVID Normal

You learned to navigate close quarters, perfected family game night, and homeschooled your kids. As your community reopens, how do you disconnect from tech and re-engage with life in person? How do you get the romance back in your marriage? (Or reconnect with friends in COVID-friendly ways?) Grab your Java and join us for a conversation about keeping a happy rhythm in the constantly shifting world of daily (COVID) life.

Guest: Arlene Pellicane

Show notes:


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#353: Why Telling Your Abuse Story is Complex, Courageous & Healing

Every abuse story has unique layers of complexity and pain. The decision whether or not to tell someone else is often a difficult one. Grab your coffee, a comfy chair, and join this conversation with Tim Hein, author of the book Understanding Sexual Abuse (and a survivor himself), about the journey of recognizing your abuse and telling your storyand why the hearer’s job is to believe.

Guest: Tim Hein

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Bonus! #92: When the Woman You Love Was Abused

It's been proven that the effects of childhood abuse follow us into adulthood. Memories, anxiety, and feelings of shame can leave women overwhelmed with emotions they don't understand—and their husbands equally confused! In this episode, Juli sits down with Dawn Scott Damon, author of When a Woman You Love Was Abused, to share wisdom and insight for husbands, helping them to love their wives well through the journey of recovery and healing.

Guest: Dawn Scott Damon

Show Notes:


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#352: How Purity Culture and Ravi Zacharias' Abuse of Power Challenge Our Faith

Juli Slattery and Asheritah Ciuciu sit down for a conversation about the shortcomings of purity culture, the recent revelation of Ravi Zacharias’ abuse of power and trust, and how the two converge. More than just trending stories in your news feed, these issues raise questions every Christian needs to grapple with. How do we find answers? Let’s lean into God’s Word, not away. Grab your Java and join us.

Guest: Asheritah Ciuciu

Show Notes:


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#351: Why Our Churches Need To Do Better at Valuing the Voices of Women

The women of the Bible have a lot to teach us. Their voices often give us the story behind the storytake Ruth for example, or the birth of Christ through the perspective of Mary and Elizabeth. What do we lose if we lose the voices of women? In this episode, Aimee Byrd joins Juli to share how the male and female voices together give us a complete picture of Jesus and His Bride, and why that's important for our churches today. Grab your Java and join us!  

Guest: Aimee Byrd,

Photo by Thomas Vitali on Unsplash

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