Java with Juli is a fresh, relevant, and conversational new podcast wrestling with questions about relationships and sexuality.

It is NOT your traditional Christian podcast! No topics or questions are too challenging or risky to discuss. Nothing is taboo, but all is biblically-based and God-honoring. If you tune in, you’ll find that we openly chat about things many women wonder but don’t know where, or who, to go to for honest answers. We embrace a casual & multi-generational feel that has listeners imagining that they’re also “at the table.”

#274: Vulnerability, Infidelity & God's Redemption

For today’s guest, infidelity as a woman meant double the shame. Jessica McDaniel shares the lies she believed as a teenager about sex, how they followed her into marriage, and (after learning of her husband’s pornography addiction) contributed to justifying an affair.  With full confession, Jesus brought full restoration.  Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Jessica McDaniel, LPC


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#273: Tell Someone You're Broken

If you’re ever going to heal, you have to tell someone you’re broken.  Today’s guest on Java with Juli kept his brokenness a secret for 42 years.  In this episode you’ll hear how one isolated incident of childhood sexual abuse changed the trajectory of Brian Pusateri’s life, how God gently invited him to tell his story, and the steps he took to find complete healing in Jesus.  Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Brian Pusateri


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#272: From Sexual Exploitation to Freedom (Harmony's Story)

According to our guest, most women in the sex industry want to escape but have no other means for survival. As an abused child, rape victim, and stripper, she would know. Victim of exploitation turned UCLA honor student, Harmony Dust Grillo's goal is to help women and girls entrenched in sexual exploitation find freedom. Pull up a chair and join us for a remarkable story of God's healing power and redemption.

Guest: Harmony Dust Grillo


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BONUS! #236: Pursue Wholeness, Not Purity

None of us is pure, but we can be whole. The imperfect packaging of the evangelical purity movement left many feeling confused and ashamed. Listen in as Dr. Juli Slattery shares a refreshing new approach to how we see our sexuality and how we're all on a journey to become more like Jesus.

Guest: Hannah Nitz


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BONUS! #235: How the Purity Movement Hurt Us

"I always thought that if I did everything the way God told us to, then I would be blessed, I would be happy and I would have a good marriage. That was decidedly not the case."  Well-meaning parents and youth pastors promised marital bliss if you could only make it to the altar as a virgin. For many, the promise didn't deliver. In this episode, Juli brings truth and compassion to the imperfect purity message of the 90s. 

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