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#462 Beautiful Union: How Our Sexuality Reveals God’s Heart for Covenant Love

What if sex and gender are not as arbitrary as many people tend to think? Is it possible that God has woven holy significance into our very DNA as gendered, sexual beings? In this episode, Juli sits down with author Joshua Butler to talk about his book, “Beautiful Union”, and the ways we can see God’s gospel message evidenced in everything from the beauty of a sunset to our own sexuality.


Guest: Joshua Butler

Josh’s Instagram: @joshuabutlerphx Josh’s Twitter: @butlerjosh

Josh’s Website:

Book: Beautiful Union: How God's Vision for Sex Points Us to the Good, Unlocks the True, and (Sort of) Explains Everything

Join Juli for Second Cup

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Blog Post: What's the Purpose of Your Sexuality, Really?



Image by Tom Allport via Unsplash

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#461 Pride, Lust, and Why We Do Things We Don't Want To Do

No small talk here! Juli Slattery and Jonathan Pokluda tackle tough questions about finding freedom from the sins that we hate, the difference between regret and self-condemnation, and how the gospel is good news for all of us.

Grab your Java and join us!

Guest: Jonathan "JP" Pokluda

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#460 How To Have Mini and Many Conversations About Sexuality With Your Kids

How do you talk to young kids about sex? Keep conversations small and have them often. Justin and Lindsey Holcomb are back to share insights on talking to your kids about their bodies, God's design for sexuality, and the boundaries of healthy touch.

Guests: Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

Show notes:

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#459 How Sexual Abuse Affects You (and Why God Is Still Trustworthy)

What happened to me wasn't rape.

I didn't stop it right away.

I shouldn't have been at that party in the first place.

If you've ever had thoughts like these, about yourself or someone else, your definition of sexual abuse is too narrow. Join us to learn what sexual abuse is, what consent isn't, and how to let your heart feel what your head knows: what happened to you wasn't your fault.

P.S. If you've never been a victim of sexual assault, you know someone who has (trust us). This conversation is for you, too.

Guests: Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

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#458 Why Women Are Leaving the Church (And How To Find Your Way Back)

In the last ten years, some 16 million women have stopped going to church. Are you one of them?

In this episode, you'll hear about why we've been rethinking churchand why a healthy church is still the best place to find God at work, to learn to love one another well, and be in community with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Guest: Ericka Andersen

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