Her Freedom Journey Facilitator

Get to Know Valerie 

Valerie Fernández Díaz is from Bogotá, Colombia. She has a bachelor in Languages and Cultural Studies from the Universidad de Los Andes. She then studied Bible Translation, Linguistics and Literacy in Peru. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Biblical Counseling with Westminster Theological Seminary. Valerie has served full-time with Storyweavers Global as a Facilitator of Integrated Biblical Engagement Strategies for Evangelism, Discipleship, Addiction Recovery, and Healthy Leadership, since 2017. She also has facilitated several online and in-person groups of Sex and the Single Girl in English and in Spanish. Every year Valerie teaches Writing Systems, Culture meets Scripture at CILTA (a Bible Translation certificate in Peru), and facilitates the different strategies of Scripture Engagement, both in this program and in different international contexts.

What others are saying about Her Freedom Journey:

God used this book to break the chains I’ve held for 7.5 years. I’m free now. My prayers have been answered. This book gave me hope to believe that freedom from pornography is possible and it helped me to forgive, confess, and grieve my past.

God used this book to show me that I am not alone in this struggle and that freedom is possible. It also helped me to see that my struggle is an intimacy issue and porn addiction is a sin issue. I was really helped and have been profoundly changed. Praise the Lord.

This book has been helpful in showing me that I need to do some work on healing from the shame of my past. God is helping me focus on His word and truth so I can not be afraid to share what He has done in my life. Jesus has freed me from the power porn has had on my life and given me a new life. I am thankful to Jesus. He truly is the love of my life.

“God has used Her Freedom Journey to remind me that I am not alone in these struggles. As a 30-year-old single woman focusing on her career, I used to label myself in that identity of my past shames and failures, but the Lord reminded me through this book that I am a daughter of Christ. It is Him that frees me once I choose to surrender those things to Him.