God, Sex and Your Marriage for Couples Facilitators

Get to Know Jason and Sondra

Thursdays, 8–9:30 p.m. ET

Hi, We’re Jason and Sondra. We have facilitated multiple OBS groups as a couple, and Sondra has led multiple women’s groups. We were married in 1995 and were high school sweethearts. For most of our marriage, Sondra isolated from Jason, fearing true intimacy, but then God intervened and redeemed! Through OBS groups, Sondra found a safe community of believers that she could share sensitive issues with and be met with love and acceptance. Hearing stories from others helped her to unveil lies and find freedom from shame. We now work, play and do this ministry together with great joy!

We are so excited to facilitate this season and create a safe place for people to be able to process their pain – so they can also live in freedom!


Jason and Sondra are awesome leaders; so supporting, honest, humble, genuine, and gospel oriented. Personable. Kind. Enthusiastic. Humourous. And they led from a place of humility and an intimate knowing of the Lord’s work in their lives.

Sondra and Jason are a good team leading this together, and their journey and heartache shared helped the rest of us to open up a bit. The break outs allow a little more deeper conversation than in a large group. We started using the contacts and talking direct to group members, which has been a great encouragement and helpful-ministering to each other.

Get to Know Jeff and Tonya

Sundays, 8–9:30 p.m. ET

Hello, We are Jeff and Tonya. We are leading God, Sex and Your Marriage. Because of walking through our own journey of healing in our marriage we have been challenged to keep pursuing God’s best for us. This includes pursuing God and each other in this unique covenant relationship. We have had so much help along this journey and we are still learning! One way keep learning is by leading online book studies. We have led God, Sex and Your Marriage for 3 seasons and it continues to amaze us that the people we encounter in these groups along with the materials we study, brings us a clearer picture of God’s redemptive love at work in the most intimate area of our lives. We have been married for 17 years and have a blended family of 5 boys. When we aren’t leading OBS, you might find us hosting friends, cooking, woodworking (Jeff), or playing video games, cards or board games together. 

Jeff and Tonya were engaged, caring and authentic! They created a welcoming, safe space for individuals to share and process tender areas together. Both have such a big heart for Jesus and for seeing His Bride healed and whole. Love them! Thanks for your ministry to my heart!

Jeff and Tonya were very respectable in listening to each one and getting to know everyone. They are authentic, vulnerable and wise leaders. They were good at leading the conversation, but also stepping back and allowing the conversations to mature. They were very affirming and sensitive about how they answered questions too.

Get to Know Ivan and Loie

Tuesdays, 7:30–9 p.m. ET for Newlyweds

From the outside, we seemed happily married, but internally we were facing challenging personal battles. After 24 years of marriage, it felt like we still didn’t really know and understand each other. Loie was struggling so much with fear and stress that it was manifesting itself in her body. 

In 2018, we were listening to the FamilyLife podcast and heard Juli being interviewed about her book “Rethinking Sexuality”. As we went through podcasts and books, God began to reveal areas in our lives He wanted to heal. Loie had deep childhood trauma she needed to revisit. We had no community. Our marriage was suffering.

Encouraged by Juli on the podcast, we sought healing through marriage intensives and trauma therapy. Loie participated in an Online Coaching Intensive with Jennifer Degler, found community with an Online Book Study, and then attended last year’s Reclaim Conference. Today, after 29 years of marriage, our marriage is thriving, and we finally feel that we are getting to know and understand one another, something even our adult kids have benefitted from. Loie says her faith has deepened, her body has started to heal, and that she and Ivan are committed to building community. 

God, Sex, and your Marriage is full of information that we wished we would have had when we were
first married. Although we can’t change the past, we can make ourselves available to help equip
younger marriages. This book helps to lay a solid foundation of intimacy in marriage.

My favorite thing about the group was the honesty. We’ve managed to become quite vulnerable and honest as a group and this really helps. It enables God to touch us all where we are. Loie makes this possible! She doesn’t dominate at all, she lets the discussion go where it goes, but at times brings us back to a quote from the book or a bible verse. And I really like her personal reflection emails each week. I’m so pleased to be part of this group!

Get to Know Lonnie and Kay

-Mondays, 8–9:30 p.m. ET

 Hi, we are Lonnie and Kay. We are very excited to be leading an Authentic Intimacy OBS on God Sex and Your Marriage. We have participated in multiple OBS groups on God Sex and Your Marriage and facilitated a study in our church on Rethinking Sexuality.

We grew up together as high school sweethearts and married in 1994. We are blessed to be parents and recently grandparents. In our free time we enjoy traveling and outdoor activities.

Our passion is to encourage other marriages. Like many, this passion was born out of our own marital struggles. AI has been a large part of our healing journey.  We look forward to sharing insights and open discussions with you as we dig deeper into God’s design for marriage and sexuality.


What others are saying about God, Sex and Your Marriage:

The group created a place for connecting with other couples who are learning to think the same way about God’s design for sex within marriage. We loved seeing how much our journey is like the journey of others.

The best part of this group was connecting with other married couples who are navigating the same issues. It’s good to know that we are not alone in our struggles. We also appreciated the accountability to read and engage with the material. This group helped my husband and I talk about our issues as we learned from others, especially during break out groups. Finally, we appreciated Julie and Mike coming along and sharing their wisdom.

We joined this study together as the AI site and material has hugely blessed us. We got involved because we saw truth and wisdom there, and we had issues. I get the feeling that most people doing the courses have issues. There is so much hurt and confusion out there and we so appreciate you fighting the battle for healing and reclamation of our marriages and our sexuality, and our intimacy with God.

We loved the community of people in the group. We aren’t alone. I wish we could keep meeting. It was nice to have like minded people give wisdom and insight. The group became a place where couples could have honest and transparent conversations about marriage and sexuality every single week!

Discover God’s design

for sexuality today.


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