Finding the Hero in Your Husband Facilitators

Get to Know Tisa

Hello, my name is Tisa and I am excited to again lead Finding the Hero in Your Husband. This study helped me to ignite the desire to worship and honor God through practical applications and teachings in loving and respecting “my lord” (1 Peter 3:6). It’s personal to me because honestly it doesn’t always come easy to respect through pain, hurt and disappointment; I praise God for redemption and daily renewing of my mind and heart. He is faithful! And in that I trust, rejoice and worship Him. My desire is to journey together through this beautiful yet complex union of holy matrimony as we choose to find our hero.

Tisa is a great leader! She does a great job facilitating. The vulnerability of the ladies, the accountability that came naturally with being part of a group, and the uniqueness of each of the ladies and their stories. They have been such a blessing to me! Also, I liked the evening study time frame, meeting women on line from places outside the US.

Get to Know Jerrica

Hi, I’m Jerrica and I’ve facilitated Passion Pursuit and God, Sex and Your Marriage this year! I love spending time with family and friends! During the cold months in Kansas I usually am crocheting! During the summer months my husband and I enjoy taking our boat to the lake and drifting his 2006 corvette! My husband Aaron and I have been married for 6 years. We have two dogs, Gentry and Diesel! When I heard about AI and Juli’s podcast it was a time in our marriage where we were in a rut. Unable to find the same page about our future and very unhappy. Through each OBS I have participated in or co-lead, I began to learn more about the truth of God’s intention for marriage and sexuality. This has greatly impacted my mindset towards our marriage and deepened my relationship with Jesus. The material helped me move from a space of self centered thinking to a wifely servant mindset. Thanks be to the Lord for helping me grow since my first OBS. Our marriage is  healthy and our intimacy has grown deeper. The material in each study is so life giving! The OBS groups have provided a space to learn more about God’s design of marriage and sexuality. I have loved having a safe space for vulnerability where we can share our stories and find commonalities amongst life. Our groups always have a wide variety of ages and years married and it truly allows for deeper learning and wisdom to be shared across the generations. Having a group of women rallied around each other in mutal support and prayers is a true blessing!

Jerrica was a great facilitator. She was very personable, sensitive, and not afraid to share her own experiences. Jerrica overall did a fantastic job of leading the study. She kept the conversation on track (or brought things back around if needed), was engaged, and had good insight.

What others are saying about Finding the Hero in Your Husband:

Everything in this book was filled with golden nuggets applicable in my marriage. The last chapter really hit home, about looking from the rear view mirror, being intentional, faithful, and running this race with endurance. I also loved: the fellowship, diving deeper into book by discussion during each group, and seeing other people’s perceptions and stories.

This was a great book study. I loved sharing with other ladies, which created great accountability to the other women to read and apply the principles. The community was like-minded and everyone was interested in allowing God to work in their hearts for His purposes. Also, having intergenerational discussions was such a blessing. I’m a newlywed and I felt so humbled to be able to learn more about marriage from women who have been married for 20+ years.

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