For many of us, the small sentence "I feel like quitting" can jump into our minds often. When we are in the middle of a hard season, tough situation, or even just a long day, life can feel too heavy. Can you relate to wanting to quit when it comes to your marriage struggle, situation with your family, challenge with your job, or your relationship with God? 

Michele Cushatt can relate. 

"When hit with unexpected, inexplicable suffering, the struggle to make sense of it is enormous. The vast majority of the time it doesn’t make sense.  It appears random, cold, and ruthless. As a result, we feel victims of chance, and often turn bitter, cynical, withdrawn. If you’ve ever wrestled with doubt, questioned God’s reality or goodness, and wondered if this oft-hard life has any true meaning at all whatsoever, you’re in good company here. My faith has taken a beating more than once over the course of my life, and at times I wondered if it would stand. You will find no judgment or shame from my tiny little corner of the world."

We are so excited to sit down with Michele on this live webinar and hear her encouragement and challenge for those of us who feel like quitting. You will also be able to text your questions in for Michele to answer!


March 21, 2017 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)