Would you describe your marriage as hurting? Have you walked through a situation or affair that has broken your trust in your husband? Are you wanting things to get better but aren't even sure where to start? 

"Most marriages have likely experienced broken trust in some way, big or small. So when trust is broken, how can it be restored? Is it possible to reconnect two hearts that have been broken? What does rebuilding trust look like in real life?

While there’s no “one way” to heal a hurting marriage, Mark and I found that rebuilding trust requires effort from both parties. Accountability on one side must be balanced with a willingness to risk on the other side. That dance may need to go on for years, becoming the new normal in your relationship. It can result in a deeper sense of intimacy and oneness—so much so that it’s actually possible to come out better on the other side. The important thing is that you are both willing to put forth the necessary effort." - Jill Savage

During this webinar, Dr. Juli Slattery & Jill Savage will take time to teach through the wisdom God has taught them on how to rebuild intimacy after it's been broken. They will also answer your questions live. 

This webinar will last one hour and is scheduled at 9pm EST / 8pm CT / 7pm MT / 6pm PT


October 17, 2016 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)