Debby Wade: Wives Struggling with Sexual Pain

Online Coaching Intensives are for women and men who are seeking help on a specific issue or who have completed one or more Online Book Studies and are looking for their next step.

Time and Dates: Wednesdays, 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET, Feb. 21 – Apr. 24 (10 weeks)

Price: $425

Description: This coaching intensive, “Journey of the Courageous,” will be led by a Christian sex therapist, Debby Wade. This will be an interactive, educational and supportive approach for wives who experience sexual pain with intercourse. Through guided discussion and asking and answering the difficult questions, women will break their silent suffering by learning to have healthy and transformative dialogue regarding the experience of sexual pain. 

 During the 10 weeks, participants will:

  • have opportunity to share their story with meaning
  • gain understanding of the pain cycle and the impact on marriage
  • gain knowledge regarding causes of pain and treatment options
  • establish purpose in their pain
  • learn the significance of healthy self-care
  • grow their understanding of being sensual and sexual (even if intercourse is not yet an option)
  • reclaim positive beliefs about sexuality and intimacy

Deadline to apply is Feb. 15. After this date you will be notified if you were selected or not.

About Debby: Since receiving her M.A. degree from Hardin-Simmons University in Marriage and Family Therapy, Debby has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings. At ACTSolutions she works with individuals, couples, and families. She currently offers two different women’s therapy groups: “Restoration Women’s Group” for women recovering from Sexual Betrayal; “Courageous Women’s Group” for women who experience Sexual Pain. Debby co-facilitates a “Marital Intimacy Group” with Billy Grammer, MA, LMFT, LPC, CST. This group is for married couples desiring to enhance their sexual intimacy. She founded Authentic Christian Therapeutic Solutions to aid in the emotional, spiritual, and sexual growth of individuals, couples and families. Debby has had the opportunity to speak nationally and internationally on sexual health, sex education, sexual trauma, and sexual intimacy. She has a passion for equipping parents to talk to their children and teens about healthy sexuality. Since 2013, she has been a part of the Institute for Sexual Wholeness teaching team, teaching the Intro to Human Sexuality course in Atlanta and Dallas. Debby has been married 30 years; she and her husband, Ryan, live in  Grapevine, Texas.

Online Coaching Intensive Outline

Week 1: “This Is NOT the Journey I Would Have Chosen.”

  • Introduction of the course, facilitator and participants. Each participant will have opportunity to share: how long you have been married, where you married, if children how many, how long you have been struggling with pain, “what is the worst /hurtful advice given” or “most helpful” thing that you have heard on this journey, and “what do you hope for”
  • Direction given for assignment, “writing your story of your journey.”

Week 2: Obstacles on the Journey

  • Unpack unhealthy messages and debunk myths about sexuality and sexual pain.
  • Identify some of the various causes of sexual pain
  • Discuss the pain cycle
  • Begin acknowledging a need for balance in “grieving and gratitude”

Week 3: Internal and External Influences on this Journey

  • Address the 5 Main Components or Conditions for Sex and how pain impacts each one
  • Balancing Acceptance and Empowerment for each Component
  • Empowered to change how you think about your pain; your self; your marriage; sex

Week 4: Being Equipped for this Journey

  • Discussion of the “gear needed” 
  • How to find a team to journey with you (i.e. therapist, PFS, marital therapist, sex therapist)
  • Giving permission to go slow
  • How to remain kind and compassionate toward self
  • How to remain kind and compassionate toward your spouse
  • Identifying what Healthy Self Care is for you

Week 5: Five Essentials for Sexual Intimacy 

  • Unpacking the the first 2 of the Five Essentials
    • Liberated: free from anything that has become a hindrance to you being sexually free; important to identify other factors other than pain
    • Educated: learn your body; learn your spouses body; be informed of anatomy/function

Week 6: Five Essentials for Sexual Intimacy Continued

  • Unpacking the last 3 of the Five Essentials
    • Elevated: significance and sacredness
    • Celebrated: how to be sensually/sexually intimate even without intercourse
    • Cultivated: ongoing maintenance

Week 7: Making Shifts on the Journey

  • Shifts in thinking from negative thoughts to positive thoughts about sex
  • Shifts in your internal dialogue; what you say to you about you
  • Shift from being playful out side the bedroom to being playful inside the bedroom; laughter
  • Shift from “bracing against” and avoiding physical touch to “Embracing” physical and sensual touch
  • Shift from seeing pain as just a problem to can it have purpose?

Week 8: TBD

Week 9: TBD

Week 10: How the Journey Continues

  • Will take time for sharing part of your journey, what you have learned about yourself during this part of your journey; what have you learned from someone else; what are you gains you feel you have made; share something positive you have experienced; share one goal that you have for yourself.

A prayer and scripture will be given each week at the end.


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