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Porn Affects You, Even if You Don’t Look At It

Pornography has gotten a lot of attention today as news broke of Hugh Hefner's death. Every life leaves a footprint – some larger than others. The founder of Playboy magazine has indeed left a legacy. Much of the world is celebrating the “sexual freedom” he introduced to our world. Instead, my heart grieves. I’ve seen the impact of pornography on men, women, and chil...

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When Cancel Culture Invades the Church

Your social media feed is probably filled with examples of the latest person who has been “cancelled” because of something they said years ago or an unpopular position they recently expressed. Being cancelled is a weapon powerful enough to prompt teens to take their own lives and to silence men and women on issues that truly matter to them. Everything that happens within the larger ...

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3 Reasons I Can Run To God With My Sexual Brokenness

My guest on the blog this week is Julia Mitchell. Julia is an intern with Authentic Intimacy. She loves Jesus, living and teaching English in Southeast Asia, and rescuing stray cats. This question is where it all begins for me: Can I really trust God with everything, including my sexuality? (Presione aquí para leer en español) I still picture myself in my room that nig...

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Sexual Discipleship®: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

(Presione aquí para leer en español) For the past five years, I’ve been using this term “sexual discipleship®" to describe the passion behind the ministry Authentic Intimacy. I’ve noticed that when people hear me put those two words together, they are intrigued. Although you may have been discipled in your walk with Christ at some point, chances are, ...

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Q&A: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Masturbation?

This question is from a parent, and it’s a very common one: "What information would you have for parents who are looking to address masturbation? Our 13-year-old daughter has recently admitted to touching herself and I want to be sensitive to the matter—not shame her, but to have a conversation about it. What do you recommend?"

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Q&A: Where Is the Balance Between Doing My Part and Trusting God to Do His?

Where is the balance between personal integrity and trusting in God to do only what He can do? Will I just have to get used to being disappointed in myself and my sin? When it comes to breaking free from sexual sin, there are things you can do and there are things only God can do. Here, Juli shares how to walk with God as you do your part, trusting that He is faithful to do His. You ma...

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Q&A: How Do I Begin to Pray About My Sex Life?

It's a little awkward, we know. Here, Juli shares straight from "the Song" about the pleasure and intimacy God designed for your sex life—and how to ask Him for it. New online book studies going through "Passion Pursuit," "Sex and the Single Girl," or "God, Sex, and Your Marriage" start next week. Grab your spot today!

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Q&A: Help! What Can I Do About Unwanted Sexual Desire That Still Persists?

"I've prayed and prayed for God to take away unwanted sexual desires, and they still persist. I'm starting to feel like giving up. Do you have any advice or encouragement?" Juli answers today's question by sharing 3 suggestions for those who continue to struggle with unwanted sexual desires. And her most important encouragement? Don't give up! We can encounter the p...

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Parenting Through Weakness

Dear Juli, I’m the mom of two teenage girls. I know I need to talk to them about sex but honestly, I don’t know where to begin. My sex life is a mess. My husband and I have relied on porn in our marriage for years. I have abuse in my past that I’ve never dealt with. I feel so messed up in my own life … how can I possibly help my daughters? One of the greatest barr...

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Pornography & Our Kids

Our nation was recently appalled to discover that a city government in Flint, Michigan has been serving their citizens poisonous water for over a year. When concerns were raised, government officials gaffed them off as isolated incidents. Tragically, young children have been exposed to lead poisoning which will likely result in brain damage and other long-term ailments. Gaining much less pre...

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