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What Do You Do When the Person You're Dating Struggles With Porn?

Dear Juli, I'm currently in a season of singleness, but I've had two serious relationships with godly guys before this. Both (not right away) admitted to struggling/having struggled with pornography. At first, I was shocked and a little disgusted. Talking to them, they admitted they'd never met a man who hadn't dealt with this battle and it opened my eyes. I realize now we li...

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Q&A: Is Homemade Porn OK in Marriage?

Guest Jonathon Daugherty answers the question: "Is homemade porn OK within marriage?" Learn more about Be Broken Ministries.


How to Choose a Wise Counselor

by Dr. Juli Slattery (Presione aquí para leer en español) All your own efforts and gumption, your prayers and advice-seeking, your reading and research—you've tried it all, and still your struggle persists. You've reached it: the point at which you know you need help. You need a counselor. Maybe a loved one has died suddenly. Or maybe you and your spouse can&#...

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What To Wear in the Bedroom?

Do you need to change what you wear in the bedroom? Like me, maybe you choose your sleepwear based on comfort and not to entice. I much prefer Life is Good to Victoria Secret in the bedroom, but we will save that conversation for another day. Even though I sometimes write and speak on spicing up sex in marriage, this blog is about a different kind of “bedroom clothes.” “The...

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How To Help Little Ones Celebrate How God Made Their Bodies

I'm happy to welcome Francie Winslow back to the blog. You can learn more from Francie at her website. I was cuddled up with my youngest son on the couch when the well-known cartoon “Blues Clues” popped up on the screen. Along with flashy colors came a classic tune, “Ants Go Marching One by One.” But instead of hearing the normal lyrics that I expected to match th...

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Priortize Sexual Intimacy by Getting Your Body Ready, Part 2

Much of my work in helping people navigate sexual issues revolves around how we think about sex. Your thought life, and your understanding of God and sex, are very important to your sex life. However, the basic truth is this: you can’t have sex without a body. Sex, at one level, is a gift exchange of two bodies. I give my body to my husband and he gives his to me. There have been seas...

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Is Sexual Intimacy A “Sacrament”?

A lot of married couples consider their sexual relationship as an optional addition to the true substance of marriage, doing life together. In the hectic pace of managing careers, raising children, and helping others, getting naked together can seem like a nice perk on those rare occasions when you have extra time and energy. A marriage cannot thrive without good communication, but a great sex ...

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Q&A: What if I'm Not Sexually Compatible With the Person I Want To Marry?

What if we're not sexually compatible? In this video, Juli shares everything you need to know about sexual incompatibility—including how it can make you a better lover. Looking for more? Check out these resources: Your Sexual Differences Can Make You Better Lovers (Juli's blog) Honest Answers to Your Questions About Sex (Juli's blog) Q&A: How Do I Get Past ...

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Are You Entitled to (Good) Sex In Marriage?

A man approached me after hearing me speak on the topic of sexual intimacy and thanked me for talking openly about such a vulnerable subject. Then he began sharing his story with me. He had just divorced his wife of 29 years because of a lack of fulfilling sex in their marriage. I wish I had heard you speak when we first got married. At this point, it’s just too late for us. Neither o...

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Spice Up Your Sex Life

Are you feeling stuck in your home and in your sex life? Think back to the last time you left your house: It could possibly have been four or five weeks! And most likely it has been even longer since you and your spouse went out for a date night. When my husband and I were newlyweds, we committed to weekly date nights. Every Thursday night we spent time together—sometimes we dressed u...

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