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Three Things I (Wish I Hadn't) Learned From Pornography

When I was a fifth grader, my friend opened my laptop and introduced me to pornography. At the time, I didn’t know what pornography was, but I did know that it was something new and exciting. Years would go by before I rediscovered porn. In college, after experiencing date rape (my first time having intercourse), I had many questions about sex. My curiosity led me to my reliable friend...

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Are You a Good Friend? 7 Keys to Building Healthy Friendship

Several months ago, a friend invited me to coffee. After catching up on kids and ministry, I noticed her countenance shift. She obviously was struggling to share something difficult with me. After a few deep breaths, my friend explained how several years ago I had said and done things that deeply hurt her. I felt horrible for my insensitivity and for how I had hurt her without realizing the imp...

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Q&A: Is Masturbation a Deal Breaker for My Relationship?

Can you spot what's wrong with this question? Should I break up with my boyfriend or take a break in our relationship until he overcomes masturbation and walks in consistent victory? Or is it okay to walk with him through it? Should I expect him to be free from masturbation for a few months before we get engaged? Jonathan Daugherty from Be Broken Ministries shares two concerns he s...

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Joshua Harris, Sexuality, and "Deconstructing" Christianity

Image Courtesy DOCS-ology/I Survived IKDG Recently, the evangelical world has been rocked by the news of Joshua Harris’s decision to leave his marriage and Christian beliefs. Joshua is the bestselling author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and was a well-known spokesperson for the purity movement of the 1990s. A few years ago, Joshua began a journey of listening to people who have been woun...

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What's the Most Important Thing the Bible Says About Your Sex Life?

What does the Bible say about sex? If you Google this question, you will find a series of articles discussing a dozen or so Bible passages that clearly address sexual issues like adultery, fornication, same-sex activity, and married sex. While those passages are important to understand, they are not the most important thing you need to know about your sex life. We often make the mistake...

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How Do I Keep My Desire To Be Loved and Embrace My Sexuality Healthy?

How Do I Keep My Desire To Be Loved and Embrace My Sexuality Healthy? *For additional resources, check out our Single & Sexually Whole page.

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Your Sexual Differences Can Make You Better Lovers

Have you ever wondered why God made you and your husband so different? For many years, I thought that might be my first question to God when I got to heaven. The differences between me and my husband, particularly in the bedroom, were driving us both crazy. Sexual intimacy created more conflict in our marriage than unity and more pain than pleasure. It seemed like a cruel joke or a gift that we...

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Why Does Sex Matter in Marriage? Pt. 2

For the past decade, my full-time job has been to address sexual issues from a Christian perspective. Knowing that, you can imagine the kind of emails I regularly receive in my inbox! What I’ve learned is that sexuality represents pain in a lot of lives and marriages. When people ask me, “What’s normal for a Christian married couple?” one of my responses is that it is no...

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3 Ways To Make Sexual Intimacy a Priority in Your Marriage

Be on the lookout for Juli's new book, "God, Sex & Your Marriage," coming June 2022! It’s often said, “Show me your calendar, and I’ll tell you what is important to you.” There are a lot of things we say are important to us but end up taking a back seat to busyness and the distractions that clamor for our attention. Intimacy in marriage is usual...

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Your Questions About Sex Point to Bigger Questions About God

One of the most awkward things about my job is describing it to someone. I really don’t like answering the question, “What do you do for work?” I’m never quite sure how to explain to a stranger that I run a Christian ministry focused on sexuality. About five years ago, a young woman helped give me the perfect descriptive words. She said, “Thank you for helping me m...

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