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Why Age Doesn’t Always Lead to Wisdom

With each birthday celebration, I have friends and relatives who console each other by saying something like, “At least we are getting wiser!” There is an old adage that with age comes wisdom. Without a doubt, the longer we live on the planet, the more we have seen and experienced. It’s tempting to look at younger generations with a knowing smile that says, “You’re...

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3 Ways To Help Your Wife Feel Fully Known and Fully Loved

by Zack Skarka My guest on the blog today is my favorite human, Zack Skarka! After I shared my struggle with body image last week, I invited Zack to tell his side of the story too. If you need to share this blog with your husband, please know that I'll be praying for you! Ask God for wisdom, courage, and the right timing. (Presione aquí para leer en español) I thought I...

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Q&A: After Emotional Abuse in Marriage, Can Sex Play a Role in Our Healing As a Couple?

This question comes from a wife: "My husband and I have been working through the emotional abuse and are really establishing some good patterns in our marriage right now. Can our sex life play a role in our healing?"

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Q&A: How Do I Make Time For Sex Postpartum Or When I Have Young Kids?

Hey Mommas! If you've got little ones, this Q&A is for you. One Reclaim 2.0 participant wrote in: "I would love to hear any advice you have for couples postpartum and with little kids. Lack of sleep, no time for myself, lack of energy for anything—will my husband and I ever get to enjoy sex again?"

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Q&A: What Does Romance Have to Do With My Relationship With God?

Theologically, the connotations of romance associated with God’s desire for His people don't feel quite right. Can you help me understand how to find this in Scripture? It feels odd, at first, to think about your relationship with God in terms of the romance and intimacy between newlywed lovers, but that's exactly the illustration and language that we find in the Bible. In this...

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Q&A: Does a "Quickie" Count as Sexual Intimacy?

Aren't quickies all about sexual activity and not sexual intimacy? Fast-paced encounters may feel at odds with the patient, intentional moments that build sexual intimacy, but even quickies have a place in healthy sexuality. Here, Juli explains why. This question came up during our "'God, Sex, and Your Marriage' Live Q&A." Grab your own copy of the book to lear...

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Q&A: How Can I Learn to Initiate Sex With My Husband?

This week's question comes from a woman with a question about sex in marriage, who asks: "Juli, what you've been teaching me is so helpful, it's been like a breath of fresh air into my marriage, but can you give me some practical ideas for how I can initiate sex with my husband?"

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Q&A: As a Christian Single, Do I Have to “Embrace” My Sexuality or Can I Just Let It Be?

Our world is inundated with sexual messages, and as a single, it can be particularly difficult to know how to respond in a way that honors God and allows us to live contentedly in our current season. Today Juli answers a question from a listener who is wondering how to navigate sexuality as a single. As a single woman, do I really need to wrestle with and embrace my sexuality, or can I just ...

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Finding Jesus on Christmas

True confessions... I don't love Christmas. I didn't say I hate Christmas; I just don't love it. My ambivalence around this holiday has developed over time. Too many years of disappointment when a family member's illness cancelled our celebration and all the best gifts broke before New Years. The busyness, the hype, and the commercialism inevitably promises something it can neve...

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Q&A: I'm Single and In My Late 40s—Do I Still Have to Save Sex for Marriage?

This important question comes from a reader: "I'm single and in my late 40s—do I still have to save sex for marriage?"

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